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The summit will explore solutions to the childcare crisis, a significant hurdle that women face in pursuing economic growth opportunities.

Navigating the Child Care Crisis: A Barrier to Women's Economic Opportunity.


october 24, 2023


A barrier for women aiming for upward mobility, seeking financial independence, and chasing economic opportunities. The 2023 OCSW Women’s Summit focuses on this very issue, bringing together a diverse group of women, from published researchers, corporate leaders, hard-working mothers and policy makers at every level. 
Our aim is simple: to address, discuss, and find solutions to this pressing issue. Together, we hope to create an environment where every woman, regardless of her background, can thrive without being held back by child care concerns we face not only in Oklahoma, but nationwide.

We invite you to be part of this crucial conversation. Join us at the 2023 OCSW Women’s Summit and let's work towards a brighter, more inclusive future for Oklahoma's women.

The child care crisis in Oklahoma isn't just a problem; it's a barrier.

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In Paula Faris's most important reporting yet, You Don't Have to Carry It All reveals a game plan that will not only make being a working mom "work" but will also reveal how and why society needs to value mothers first. Weaving together groundbreaking research with inspirational wisdom.


keynote speaker



The focus of the 2023 summit will be on the childcare crisis in Oklahoma as one of the barriers women are facing
to achieve upward mobility, financial independence, and in pursuing economic growth opportunities.

2023 Summit

Jana B. Gridley, OCSW Commissioner and Summit Chair
Governor  David Walters 
Governor George Nigh 
OCCC President, Dr. Mautra Staley-Jones





Opening Remarks and
Welcome Message 

Carrie Williams, Executive Director of Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness
Brittany Lee, Director of Child Care Services, Oklahoma Human Services
Shanese Peachlyn, Family Child Care Home Desert Grant Recipient

Representative Suzanne Schreiber, 70 th District, Oklahoma House of Representatives

Oklahoma Childcare Deserts

Public Policy Necessary to Address Childcare Crisis and its Impact on Economic Growth
Opportunities for Women and Families

Dr. Laura Ahlstrom, Lead Author of Summary Report and Assistant Professor, OSU Spears School of Business
Angie Heer, Chief Development Officer, UnitedWE

UnitedWE Summary Report on Status of Women in Oklahoma: Childcare Access & Affordability and Women’s Employment and Earnings


Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce’s Child Care Study Summary & Community Action Plan

Kim Wilmes, Vice President, Economic Development Programs, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber


Werklabs' Child Care & Work Study: How childcare impacts moms' paid

Adrian Young, Director, Customer Impact at Werklabs@The Mom Project


Lunch Keynote with Speaker Paula Faris


Photos Opps, Networking and Time With Vendors


Solutions Breakout Sessions 

- Rep. Suzanne Schrieber
- Sen. Paul Rosino
- Brittany Lee, Director of Child Care Services, Oklahoma Human Services

- Margaret Creighton, President/CEO, Positive Tomorrows
- Jenna Morey, Executive Director, ReMerge of Oklahoma City
- Diane Horm, Ph.D., George Kaiser Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Early Childhood
Education; Founding Director of the Early Childhood Education Institute at the University of

- Kaitlyn Hunter Director, INTEGRIS’ Children’s Place
- Jennifer Ellis, President; CEO, Cosmetic Specialty Labs, Inc.
- Adrian Young, Director, Customer Impact at Werklabs@The Mom Project

- Lana Shaffer, Parkview Pals Early Learning
- Dr. Lana Turner-Addison, OCCY Parent Partnership Board Member, Operator of Pine Premier
Child Care
- Sarah Rahhal, Sunbeam Family Services
- Carrie Williams, Executive Director of Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness

legislative/policy solutions

2:00-3:00 breakout sessions

nonprofit solutions

3:00-4:00 breakout sessions

business sector solutions

child care provider solutions


Doors Open/Registration

tuesday, october 24, 2023

Since 1994, the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women has sought to strengthen and empower women in Oklahoma by improving their opportunities and quality of life. The Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women is a strong, recognized, and respected voice for the women in Oklahoma. Through education, collaboration and celebration the commission works on issues related to women, equity, and gender bias to elevate the status of women throughout the state.

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